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            What we like:

            • - Great Stride
            • - Medium Sized
            • - Front Drive
            • - Quiet

            What we don't like:

            • - Heavy to move
            • - Not Space Saving

            TitleSchwinn 430 Elliptical MachineSchwinn A40 Elliptical Machine (2013)Schwinn 470 Elliptical MachineSchwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer (Black)
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            These days, people are always looking for shortcuts and for quick and easy ways of doing things when in actual fact, most of the time there are no shortcuts or quick and easy ways of doing things as the only things required are generally hard work and dedication and a schwinn elliptical can help too. When it comes to getting fit, healthy, and losing weight this is especially true, yet despite this, people still insist on starving themselves, undergoing dangerous surgeries, or just generally following silly fad diets that do more harm than good. Rather than these extreme methods, people should instead be living healthier lifestyles combined with plenty of aerobic exercise. Exercise is crucial for optimal health and fitness, which is why exercise equipment manufacturers are doing so well lately. One of the best companies in the industry today is Schwinn, who have been around a heck of a long time and still continue to put out top of the line products every single year. Their elliptical machines in particular are considered fantastic and receive rave reviews every single day. Here’s a look at three of their absolute best machines on the market today.

            Schwinn 430 elliptical

            Schwinn 430 ellipticalSchwinn are a brand that have proven to be especially popular in the cycling world and have been around since the mid 1960’s and they still continue to make consistently great products to this day, and the 430 elliptical machine is proof of this. This elliptical machine features a dual track double LCD display window setup that allows users to monitor a number of different feedback displays at once. There are 22 separate programs, goal tracking features, 2 user setting features, a USB charging port, a 3 speed cooling fan, 3 separate tracking lights (LED), 20 separate resistance levels, and plenty more on top of that. The machine is large in size, is sturdy, has a max user weight capacity of 300 pounds, and is designed to last a lifetime.

            Schwinn 420 elliptical

            Schwinn 420 ellipticalIf you’re looking for a real bargain then the 420 elliptical is the model for you as it was recently voted a “best buy” by a leading consumer magazine. This device is designed to provide users with an effective and comfortable workout with maximum results. To help keep things fresh and to keep you on your toes there are 12 different workout programs as well as 16 levels of resistance. To help keep users comfortable the device uses Schwinn’s patented BioGlide motion technology. There is a large LCD display screen that clearly tells users how many calories they’ve burned, RPM, distance travelled, speed, pulse, and more. There are even transport wheels integrated on the base to help move the unit from one place to another.

            Schwinn a40 elliptical trainer

            Schwinn a40 elliptical trainerLast on our list today we have the Schwinn a40 elliptical trainer. This unit looks great, is large, is sturdy, and has a very generous number of features including a large, easy to read LCD window that will display your speed, calories burned, distance, time, pulse, and more. The machine has a modest 8 levels of resistance as well as 7 pre-set workout programs. There is a 17 inch stride length, as well as angled handlebars that can be moved and adjusted to help users find the most comfortable position. It is smaller than the other models on our list, which is why it only has a maximum user weight capacity of 275 pounds. If you’re on a budget and are looking for an easy to use and highly efficient elliptical trainer, this is the model for you.