Schwinn A45 Elliptical

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            What we like:

            • - Natural Motion
            • - Lightweight
            • - Easy storage
            • - Strong Construction

            What we don't like:

            • - Reliability

            Schwinn A45 Elliptical Trainer Machine Reviews

            Schwinn A45 Elliptical reviews
            When it comes to elliptical trainers, one of the most trusted names and one that keeps popping up all the time is that of Schwinn which is why if you are a looking for an elliptical trainer your best chances might lie with you being able to pick up an ideal Schwinn product. Even though the models that have been produced to date are quite many, there is one that might be the perfect pick for beginners and those that have not really advanced in the elliptical training world. The Schwinn A45 Elliptical could be the ideal pick for you. Here is a short review to help explain how.

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            Resistance Levels

            When you are starting out, having too many resistance levels can prove to be a discouragement rather than a challenge. This is why for a starter, it might be a good idea for you to have a machine that has a lower number of resistance. With 8 resistance levels, the Schwinn A45 Elliptical is ideal as they are not too many to discourage you or too little that you find them barely helpful.


            The display is fitted with an enhanced and easy to read LCD display that helps to serve different functions among them being able to supply you with real time stats on the progress that you have made which includes the time that has elapsed, the distance that you have covered as well as the calories that you have burnt.

            Pre-programmed workouts

            With the Schwinn A45 Elliptical you get a total of 7 built in courses. One is a quick start course that helps to get your heart rate going and the other 6 are performance and calorie burning courses. Considering that this is an ideal elliptical for beginners, this is the perfect number so as not to overcrowd and confuse the mind of the trainee.

            Incline Adjustment

            Unfortunately, this does not have an incline adjustment to help you work on the different muscles which once again is understandable. If it helps in any way, it does have articulating footpads that make is more comfortable by supporting natural strides. As for the incline, you might want to wait until you get the basics right.

            Stride Length

            The stride length of the Schwinn A45 Elliptical is ideal for people that are preferable short since it only clocks in at 17.5” this does not mean that the tall people can’t make any use of this, it only means that they might feel a bit awkward at first but with time they will get used to it and find it more normal to use. However, if you don’t really feel comfortable, it is a good idea for you to get an elliptical that has a large stride length.


            Compared to the other models that you might have read reviews on, the warranty that the A45 has to offer might be a bit shallow. There is a 90 day warranty for the wear parts as well as a 1 year warranty for electronics and the other parts and a 5 years warranty for the frame. While it might not be as impressive, it is good for the price that you will be getting this elliptical trainer for.

            Price and Value

            For about $499, the Schwinn A45 Elliptical can be yours. It is an ideal entry grade trainer and the best part is that it shares the same value as the ones that might be priced much higher. What gives it an added advantage is the fact that since it is cheap, you can buy it as a gift to someone and hopefully change their lives. You do not have to enjoy all the benefits and the value of having this one of a kind elliptical with you, you can spread the goodness and fitness.