Proform Elliptical Trainer Machine Reviews

Proform Elliptical

Proform Elliptical











            What we like:

            • - Commercial grade frame
            • - Ipod Compatible
            • - Incline Controls

            What we don't like:

            • - Front Drive Motor
            • - Console Function

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            Exercising and working out has kind of a love/hate effect on most people, with many of them loving the results that it provides them with, but hating the actual working out and exercising itself, the Proform Elliptical can change that. Whether you love exercising or hate it, it can’t be denied that it is hugely, hugely beneficial for a whole variety of different reasons, mainly health related it has to be said. The world is becoming fatter and unhealthier, which is why now is, arguably the most important time to start working out and improving your health and fitness. If you’re looking at getting into working out, but are perhaps not sure about heading to a gym or fitness centre in public, then why not invest in simple but effective home gym equipment instead? Proform for instance, are a company with years upon years of experience under their belts, offering some of the best workout equipment for the best possible prices. Their elliptical machines are especially popular which is why we’ll be looking at three of their most popular models right now.

            Proform 500 LE elliptical

            Proform 500 LE ellipticalIf you’re looking at improving your cardiovascular fitness, burning fat, and shaping and toning your arms, legs, and core, then the proform 500 LE elliptical is ideal. The machine comes complete with iFit workout card technology, as well as 12 built-in pre-set workout programs. It is robust, light weight, a very manageable size, and even has a music docking station. There is also a cooling fan, a tinted blue LCD display screen, and plenty more features to keep you going for hours upon hours.

            Proform 14.0 CE elliptical

            Proform 14.0 CE ellipticalIf you love your gadgets and technology then you’ll absolutely adore the proform 14.0 CE elliptical machine as it is one of the most advanced models on the market today. This elliptical machine is ifit WIFI compatible, has 18 built-in programs, special power adjustable incline settings, large cushioned foot pedals, a 300 pound weight capacity, is iPod compatible, and offers 14 different resistance levels to really test yourself during your workouts. The parts are built to last and this model is regarded amongst many as one of the most reliable machines currently on the market today.

            Proform 6.0 ZE elliptical

            Proform 6.0 ZE ellipticalIf you’re after an elliptical machine that has a number of different features, without relying too much on technology, which can at times be quite confusing and frustrating, then the 6.0 ZE is the model for you. Like the other devices there is a blue tinted LCD display, 12 separate and unique built-in workout programs, an ipod music port, 10 different resistance levels, an EKG grip pulse sensor, a water bottle holder, and much more. This is an elliptical machine that isn’t too fancy or hi-tech, it simply does what it says on the box, and most importantly, it does it well.